What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing, also called Online Marketing, is one of the main ways available for companies to communicate with the public in a direct, personalized way at the right time through advertisements on different Ads platforms. 

A well thought out and designed Digital Marketing strategy, based on real data about the segments of the public that you want to impact, tends to produce positive results, no matter how big or small your company is. This allows you to compete hand-to-hand with large companies in the market, conquer spaces in complicated turns and take any business to good levels of turnover or positioning.

 Companies that can create a good online position will be increasing their sales opportunities through various channels. On the Internet, being up-to-date can be the big difference between being seen or going unnoticed. Having a presence allows you to quickly adapt to the needs and tastes of your target audience, and offer them more satisfying and personalized materials and experiences.

In the world of Online Marketing, obtaining and analyzing data in real time is a fundamental process for the continuous improvement of a strategy and to be able to make adjustments moment by moment. Having a good marketing plan can make a big difference.

Social Media

Having a presence in the main social networks so your audience can find you, became essential. Either to promote your actions and content or for people to get to know the inside of your company or service. An effective social media strategy must generate a significant participation in the generation of traffic for your web domain, but, at the same time, it is a channel of communication and dissemination of your brand. Counting on good aesthetics, strategy and continuity, we can retain many clients due to its large public traffic and importance.

Classic Ways to Advertise

Social Networks

There are several ad formats for different digital graphic supports. These are highly effective if your target is in that network. Good segmentation and well thought out ads can deliver excellent results.

Video Marketing

As its name suggests, it is a Digital Marketing strategy that uses audiovisual material to broadcast a message. In other words, it is the practice of finding trends, creating emotional content, adapting it to different platforms and uploading the videos as part of a Content Marketing strategy. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, for example, offer the possibility of making live broadcasts and many more communication tools, which allows the generation of interesting material and making a direct connection with the public. Video Marketing is the most consumed service and it is constantly growing because it has many visual tools when it comes to communicating.

Display Ads

It is a display or banner, in other words, an ad that combines images and text. This type of display ads generally appears on pages that sell their spaces to large platforms such as Facebook, Google or others. These websites are part of the display network.

El Remarketing o Retargeting

These are banners that appear to the user after he visits a website or performs a certain action on a page. It generates data (cookies) that allows us to reconnect with the potential customer, in order to, for example, carry out an unrealized sale. When visiting a certain website, possibly more ads from that site will appear when the customer visits another domain that is part of the advertiser network. This tool seeks customer loyalty with all those actions and strategies that seek to cause them to make a purchase or return to consume more of our products or services.

What´s e-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing is the process of sending messages for commercial purposes to a group of contacts obtained by our company on the Internet. It can be used as a method of strengthening your brand, generating sales, communicating with clients and potential clients, either in an e-commerce store or in any company that offers products and services. The direct communication channel with the user is a unique tool, and it can bring very effective results. In fact, it is possible to segment your lists following various factors and criteria.

What are Analytics?

Another of the most relevant and attractive advantages we have in Digital Marketing is analytics; understanding it as the possibility of collecting thousands of data, behaviors and consumption habits about our customers through different information processing and automation tools, with the aim of making them loyal and making you their priority when choosing  products or services. This will allow you to effectively nurture the relationship with the customer at all stages and increase the likelihood that this user will return. After all, if you can get a customer to request the services of a company again or buy its products, it means that we are on the right track and it is very positive for the business.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of your site and a set of positioning strategies so that it is understood by search engines in an organic way. These are actions that help improve the positioning potential of your page and content, helping you to meet the main requirements of search platforms such as Google and Bing, to be on the first pages of searches.

For example, a good SEO optimization gives you a real possibility to scale and become an authority on a topic in a place where there are millions of daily users, regardless of whether it is a million dollar organization or a personal blog.

 This will allow you to compete hand-to-hand with large companies in the market, conquer spaces in complicated turns and take any business to good levels of turnover or positioning.

What is SEM?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Search engines are useful for digital strategies involving organic or paid media. When doing a search, these mechanisms will show you a list of useful organic links, and some of them will be ads. These are located at the top and bottom, while organic results (SEO) are located in the center. Therefore, search engine marketing is a fundamental tool when it comes to reaching the desired customer, it is to simplify being on the first search page through an ad.